What happens when someone updates the same record (Contact, Invoice etc) in MYOB and FileMaker at the same time?

You can find yourself in a “record locking” situation where the same record has been updated in both FileMaker and MYOB.

If you update a record from FileMaker whilst the MYOB user has the same record open (but before they click OK to save the record) the MYOB user will get an error message when attempting to save the record:

They just need to cancel and open the record again in MYOB to see the latest version that was uploaded from FileMaker.

If you attempt to update a record from FileMaker that has been modified in MYOB since you last updated/retrieved the record you will get an error message when uploading:

The MYOB API uses a RowVersion field for each record that changes every time the record is updated. The FileMaker user will need to download/update the record first, then make their changes and upload it again.

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