I’m about to upgrade my AccountRight file to a new version of AccountRight (e.g. from 2018.4 to 2019.2) – is there anything I need to be aware of?

When upgrading an AccountRight file you will often end up with 2 copies of your AccountRight Company File – one for the previous version and one for the new version. Each of these files will have it’s own MYOB ID, and you will need to ensure you have selected the new Company File so the correct MYOB ID is being used and any requests will be made to the correct file. This is a similar process to converting a FileMaker file from one file format (e.g. .fp7) to another (e.g. .fmp12).

Here’s an example showing multiple versions of the Clearwater file:

You can see the unique MYOB ID and the different Product Versions. You will need to refresh the list of Company Files by importing the list of Company Files again, then select the correct file from the list here:

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