How does the MYOB Invoice Number get populated?

The Invoices API endpoint has a Number element which is a 8 character code. You have 2 options when uploading Invoices to MYOB:

  1. leave this blank and MYOB will will auto-generate this
  2. populate this with a value from a FileMaker field

In the fmAccounting Link (MYOB AccountRight Edition) file we are using the 2nd option to populate this with the value from the _kp_InvoiceID field (the primary key field for the Invoice in FileMaker). If you wish to change this to have MYOB auto-generate the number for you simply disable/delete this line:

BE_JSON_Encode ( “Number” ; _kp_InvoiceID ) & “,” &

from the calculation formula in these fields:

  • MYOBItemInvoiceJSON
  • MYOBMiscellaneousInvoiceJSON
  • MYOBProfessionalInvoiceJSON
  • MYOBServiceInvoiceJSON

We have a field in the Invoices table named MYOBInvoiceNumber which we populate with the MYOB Invoice Number value, regardless of the above settings.

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