fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) Version History

v2.0.1 - 24/05/2021

  • Invoices: updated to set Payment Item Invoice ID to correct FileMaker record to handle Payments for multiple Invoices/Allocations
  • fixed issue with uploading Ship To Address and carriage returns/line feeds for Invoices, Bills and Purchase Orders

v2.0 - 21/06/2021

  • updated to work with new Essentials (uses the AccountRight API)
  • updated to use native FileMaker scripts and functions only (requires FileMaker v16 or later)
  • removed all references to the BaseElements FileMaker plugin functions
  • replaced DeclareVariables custom function with JSON functions for passing script parameters
  • updated all popup windows to Card windows
  • updated header navigation to use native Button Bar
  • updated ErrorDescription custom function for FileMaker Pro v19
  • updated Trim4 custom function to 1.0v3
  • replaced global variables used for authenticating with MYOB with direct field references
  • updated Primary Key fields to use the Get (UUID) function
  • deleted the UUID fields in each table as these are now redundant
  • Items: added Number field to replace use of _kp_ItemID field as the Item Number field
  • renamed all ‘_kf_ItemID’ fields to ‘ItemNumber’ so you are always matching an ItemNumber field against another ItemNumber field
  • OAuth 2.0 Token expiry timestamp now set using Get (CurrentHostTimestamp) instead of Get ( CurrentTimestamp ) to better handle users in different timezones
  • updated OAuth 2.0 authentication to store tokens in regular fields so they persist between sessions
  • added support for Jobs, Bills, Purchase Orders, Supplier Payments and Employees/Timesheets
  • Invoices: added new field InvoiceNumber which maps to the MYOB Invoice Number field (replaced previous mapping of _kp_InvoiceID field)
  • Update Current Invoice from MYOB script now incorporates the Get Balance for Current Invoice from MYOB script functionality
  • Payments: added new field ReceiptNumber which maps to the MYOB ReceiptNumber field (replaced previous mapping of _kp_PaymentID field)
  • added ServerSideErrors table for use when debugging server scripts
  • miscellaneous bug fixes

v1.0.5 - 19/12/2019

  • updated to BaseElements plug-in to v3.3.8 (Code Signed) for FileMaker Pro 18 compatibility

v1.0.4 – 23/05/2017

  • fixed issue with Set HTTP Headers subscript when uploading found set of records
  • fixed bug in Create Contact in MYOB script (missing Show Dialog step for found set confirmation)

v1.0.3 – 26/04/2017

  • updated to Base Elements plug-in v3.3.4
  • trial version changes

v1.0.2 – 30/06/2016

  • fixed bug with GET All requests and paging increments

v1.0.1 – 28/06/2016

  • fixed bug in Create Contact script when refreshing token within loop
  • updated non interface scripts to pass parameter when calling the MYOB Refresh Token subscript

v1.0 – 15/05/2016

  • initial public release

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