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The Telstra MMS Gateway currently delivers MMS messages to countries in this list. You can use the following methods for attaching media files to your outgoing messages:

  • Base64 Encoding: simply insert your media into the fmMMS Media container field and they will be Base64 Encoded during the sending process and included in the message payload that is sent to Telstra

You can get further information on supported media files and limitations here:

Create Subscription

Before you can start sending MMS messages with Telstra you will first need to create a Subscription using the Messaging API. We have added a script to perform this function within the fmMMS file. On the Account Details screen when you have selected Telstra as your Gateway you will see a Create Telstra Subscription button:

You will need to first enter your Telstra API Key in the Username field and your Telstra API Secret in the Password field. If you plan to receive incoming messages using the WebhooksIncomingMessages.php file enter the URL for the WebhooksIncomingMessages.php file in the Custom Text 3 field which will set the value for the notifyURL that Telstra will post new incoming messages to. Then click the Create Telstra Subscription button which will create (or update for existing subscriptions) and populate your Telstra number in the Custom Text 1 field automatically.

Free Trial Recipient Number Registration

Before sending any messages, Free Trial apps are required to register destination mobile numbers that will be used while trialling Telstra's Messaging API. Up to five destination numbers can be registered. These are the  B numbers. Any messages sent to numbers NOT on your Free Trial app's registered bnum list will fail.

If you are using the free trial with the Telstra Messaging API you can add a new number to your bnum list by clicking the Add Telstra Free Trial Number button in the Account Details screen:

This will prompt you to enter the mobile number you wish to add:

Enter the number and click OK. If this was successful you will now be able to send MMS messages to that number as part of your Telstra free trial.

Incoming Messages/Replies

You can get incoming messages/replies to your Telstra number into the fmMMS file in a number ways:

  • Manually Download Incoming Messages
  • Use Webhooks to have Telstra push these automatically to fmMMS
  • Use Otto Webhooks

Using Webhooks is the preferred method as it saves you from having to poll/check for any new messages - with Webhooks new messages are forwarded to fmMMS automatically by Telstra as they are received.

Manual Download Incoming Messages

You can download incoming messages manually via the Account Details screen. Simply enter the date range you wish to download messages between and click the  Get Incoming Messages button:

Any incoming messages to your Telstra number that have not been previously downloaded will then be downloaded, including any media attachments. You could also setup a FileMaker Server script schedule to have this run on a scheduled basis (e.g.every hour) to save you from having to manually download/check for new messages. N.B. Telstra only return one inbound message at a time, starting with the earliest inbound message, so using this method to retrieve large numbers of inbound messages at once is not a very efficient process.

Telstra Webhooks Setup

To receive incoming MMS messages to your Telstra number, including replies to previously sent messages, you will need to use the supplied WebhooksIncomingMessages.php webhook file to act as the webhook receiver. See our Webhooks guide for what you need to do host the WebhooksIncomingMessages.php file on your chosen web server. Once you have the publicly accessible URL for this file you can enter this into your Telstra account settings as follows:

If your Telstra subscription has has a notifyURL parameter set then any MMS Replies will be pushed to that URL. You can also update your existing subscription to update the notifyURL parameter used for incoming messages if you didn't set the notifyURL parameter when provisioning your Telstra subscription.

Telstra Otto Webhooks Setup

Please visit the Webhooks using Otto guide for instructions on setting up Otto Webhooks for your Telstra number. You will need to create a new webhook and enter the Otto webhook URL using the instructions above and modify the OttoReceiver script to handle incoming MMS messages from Telstra.

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