fmMMS Trial Version

You can download a 14 day trial version of fmMMS for Macintosh/Windows here.

Some notes about the trial version:

  • it requires FileMaker Pro v16 or later
  • it's limited for 14 days
  • the file is locked and will stop working after 14 days
  • you will not be able to import data from the trial version into the version that you purchase
  • the Webhooks files are not included with the trial version
  • you will need an account with one of the supported MMS Gateways (trial accounts are also available with most of the MMS Gateways). If are not sure which MMS Gateway to use we recommend starting with Twilio if you are in North America and ClickSend or MessageMedia for the rest of the world.

The download is a .zip file – please make sure you unzip/extract the .zip file first before opening the fmMMS.fmp12 file. On Windows this can be done by right clicking the .zip file and select "Extract All". On the Macintosh you can simply double click the .zip file to unzip the file (if it was not unzipped automatically after it was downloaded).

Getting Started with the Trial Version

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the file and created a trial/paid account with one of the supported MMS Gateways please complete the following steps to get up and running with the fmMMS trial.

1. upon opening the fmMMS trial for the first time you will be prompted to enter your details:

Enter your first name, last name, mobile number (without any country codes or other symbols) and country and click the Continue button.

2. To enter your MMS Gateway account credentials (username, password, API keys etc depending on each Gateway) click the Accounts button in the Navigation bar across the top of the screen. Click the New Account button to create a new Account record and click the arrow button on the left to switch from the list to the form/details view and enter a name for this Account (e.g. "Twilio Trial Account").

Then select your Gateway from the list and then enter the required credentials into the fields as specified in the Gateway Notes field. Read the Gateway Notes field to see if you need to enter any additional details in any of the Custom Text fields. If the Media Upload Method field at the bottom is empty select an option from the drop down menu (make sure you do not select the Get Media Record URL option as this is not supported in the trial version).

The Account Details screen should look something like this once completed:

3. Click the Set as Default button at the top of the screen to make this Account the default Account to be used when sending MMS messages.

4. You are now ready to send your first test MMS message. Click the Contacts Navigation button – a Contact with your details should appear, otherwise you can click the New Contact button and enter your Name, Mobile Phone number (enter it as you would dial it in your Country) and Country. Now click the New MMS button to create a new MMS to your Contact record.

5. Enter some text into the Message Body and Message Subject (not all Gateways support a Message Body and Message Subject and you will be alerted when entering these fields if that is the case). Click the New Media button to add a new media file to this message. You can either add a file to the container field or enter a URL depending on your MMS Gateway and the Media Upload Method value you selected at step 2:

Media Upload Method Do This
Public URL
Enter the URL to a publicly accessible image file (see below for some samples if required)
Base64 Encoding
Add a file from your computer to the container field by either drag and dropping a file onto the container field, or clicking the button to the right of the container field to select a file from your computer
Gateway Direct
Add a file from your computer to the container field by either drag and dropping a file onto the container field, or clicking the button to the right of the container field to select a file from your computer

Once you have added a Media File using the above table as a guide click the Send Message button to send yourself a test MMS Message. You can also click the Check Status button on the Message Status tab to check the delivery status of your message. 

If you need some sample Public URLs for media files you can use the following:

You can get further information about fmMMS in the Getting Started guides. If you're having trouble setting up the trial version please watch the short video below (on directly on YouTube here) that demonstrates getting started with the trial version, otherwise please contact us for further assistance.

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