MMS Gateway - SMS Global

The SMS Global MMS Gateway currently delivers MMS messages globally. You can use the following methods for attaching media files to your outgoing messages:

  • Base64 Encoding: simply insert your media into the fmMMS Media container field and they will be Base64 Encoded during the sending process and included in the message payload that is sent to SMS Global

You can get further information on supported media files and limitations here:

Incoming Messages/Replies

You can get incoming messages/replies to your SMS Global number into the fmMMS file in a number of ways:

  • Use Webhooks to have SMS Global push these automatically to fmMMS
  • Use Otto Webhooks

Using Webhooks is the preferred method as it saves you from having to poll/check for any new messages - with Webhooks new messages are forwarded to fmMMS automatically by SMS Global as they are received.

SMS Global Webhooks Setup

To receive incoming MMS messages to your SMS Global number, including replies to previously sent messages, you will need to use the supplied WebhooksIncomingMessages.php webhook file to act as the webhook receiver. See our Webhooks guide for what you need to do host the WebhooksIncomingMessages.php file on your chosen web server. Once you have the publicly accessible URL for this file you can enter this into your SMS Global account settings as follows:

  1. login to your SMS Global account via their website
  2. click on Gear icon in the top right hand corner and select SMS Settings from the list
  3. In the MMS Reply section for the Post MMS replies to option select URL
  4. enter the URL in the MMS Replies to URL field.
  5. click Update Settings

It should look similar to this screenshot:

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