Can I Update Product Custom Fields?

Depending on how your custom fields are implemented you can typically access these via the Products Meta Data tab. As long as you know the name of the Key to use you can then add/update these using fmEcommerce Link. The easiest way to determine the correct Key name is to download a Product from WooCommerce and then navigate to the Meta Data tab to view related Meta Data for the Product.

We have tested this using the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin and created a new field group called Course Information which contained 2 custom fields: Course Date and Start Time:

When you download the Product from WooCommerce using the fmEcommerce Link file you will now see some additional entries in the Meta Data section:

To change the values for these custom fields simply edit the Value and then upload the Product to WooCommerce and you will see the updates values in the Product page:

For new Products that you are creating using the fmEcommerce Link file you can simply create the new Meta Data records and set the Key value to the correct syntax (e.g. course_date and start_time in the above example).

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