Can I Send a Copy of the Signed Agreement to a Recipient Who Doesn't Need to Sign

The DocuSign API supports the creation of several different types of recipients for documents - the main one is Signers who must sign, initial, date, or add data to form fields on the documents in the envelope). Another type is Carbon Copy - much like in an email these recipients get a copy of the envelope but don't need to sign, initial, date, or add information to any of the documents. Carbon copy recipients receive their copy of the envelope when the envelope reaches the recipient's order in the process flow and when the envelope is completed.

We added support for Carbon Copy recipients in v1.35 of fmESignature Link. When you are adding the Recipients to your Request you now have the option to specify whether a recipient should be a Carbon Copy recipient by checking the CC checkbox:

In the above example both Jo and Reece will receive the signing request and once both of these parties have signed the agreement Phoebe will receive a copy of the agreement.

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