Specifying the Language for a Recipient

The DocuSign API supports the option to specify the language to use for the standard email format and signing view for a recipient.

For example, in the recipient's email notification, this setting affects elements such as the standard introductory text describing the request to sign. It also determines the language used for buttons and tabs in both the email notification and the signing experience.

We added support for specifying the language for signers in v1.35 of fmESignature Link. Before you can specify the language for your envelope recipients you first need to go to the Setup screen and click the Download Supported Languages button to download the list of support languages from DocuSign:

This will generate a list of language records in the Languages table like this:

When you are adding the Signing Recipients to your Request you now have the option to specify their language using the Language drop down list:

Note: This setting affects only DocuSign standard text. Any custom text that you enter for the emailBody and emailSubject of the notification is not translated, and appears exactly as you enter it.

When the recipient receives the email from DocuSign it will appear like this French example:

and the signing ceremony will appear like this example in German:

N.B. if the recipient has a DocuSign account the language setting is superseded by the user's selected language that comes from their account.

We have a video demonstrating this in action on the fmESignature Link Videos page.

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