500 Internal Server Error with PHP Files

When testing the PHP Webhook or Server Side files such as the requestAccessToken.php file you might encounter a 500 Internal Server error that looks like this: 

If you are getting the 500 Internal Server error when making a request to the requestAccessToken.php file please check the following on your FileMaker Server:

Windows php.ini File

On most Windows FileMaker Server deployments you will need to make the following changes to the php.ini file which can be found at:

C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\php

We recommend using a proper text editor such as Notepad ++.

1. Error Log settings - please enable the following highlighted line if this is not currently enabled (you enable this line by removing the leading semi-colon character at the beginning of the line):

2. Windows Extensions - please check the list of Windows Extensions to ensure that the php_openssl.dll extension is enabled. This is usually disabled by default like in this screenshot:

Once again you enable it by removing the leading semi-colon character at the beginning of the line:

Once you have completed these changes save the php.ini file and then open the IIS Manager application and restart your website. You can then test loading the requestAccessToken.php file in your browser and it should now display a token like in this screenshot:

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