PDF Form Fields Transformation

DocuSign has the ability to transform PDF form fields automatically into DocuSign tabs, carrying over all of their existing values. This feature is called PDF form field transformation and when this is enabled the locations of the created tabs will match the locations of the fields from which they were generated.

We added support for PDF form field transformation in v1.4 of fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition) - this was a very minor change that required one additional field and one script step change so you can easily update your existing integration/version if you would like to add this feature.

We added a new Template (PDF Form Field Transformation Example) to demonstrate how this works. The Template Type is set to the FileMaker Container Field option and this checkbox is ticked:

As this is a FileMaker Container Field template you will need to insert your form fields PDF into the Template PDF container field. As you are requesting DocuSign to convert all the form fields in the PDF to DocuSign tabs you don't need to add any tabs to the Template.

When you send a Request with this Template the following property for the document will be set:

"transformPdfFields": true

and DocuSign will transform any PDF form fields automatically into DocuSign tabs. The signer will see the following when they review the document:

You can see the form fields have been converted into the appropriate DocuSign tabs and the Sign tab has been added to the signature field. 

We have a video demonstrating this in action on the fmESignature Link Videos page

You can get more details on PDF form field transformation including details on the rules DocuSign uses to convert form fields into the equivalent DocuSign tab on the DocuSign developer site here.

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