I’m getting this error when uploading an Invoice to Xero: Invoice not of valid status for modification. How I can resolve this?

You will get this error if you’re trying to modify an Invoice in Xero that doesn’t allow modifications due to the Invoice Status. For example you cannot modify an Authorised Invoice that has payments applied to it.

You cannot modify an Invoice in Xero if:

  • it has been fully paid
  • it has part-payments or credit notes applied to it
  • it is in a locked period

You can view the full list of possible Xero Invoice Status codes here and the rules associated with these.

You could also get this error if you’re uploading a new Invoice with the same Invoice Number as an existing Invoice in Xero that cannot by modified, or you have duplicated an Invoice that has previously been uploaded to Xero. If you duplicate an Invoice the value in the _kf_XeroInvoiceID field will also be duplicated – this is Xero’s unique identifier for each invoice so make sure that if you do duplicate an Invoice, Contact, Bill etc that you clear out the value in these Xero ID fields (_kf_XeroContactID, _kf_XeroInvoiceID etc).

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