Converting from the JWT Grant to the Authorization Code Grant OAuth Flow

If you would like to convert your existing fmESignature Link integration or copy of fmESignature Link v1.36 or earlier that uses the JWT Grant OAuth Flow to the Authorization Code Grant OAuth Flow that is used in v1.4 or later please follow these steps. You can download the latest version of fmESignature Link so you can copy/paste the new fields, scripts, layouts etc across to your existing integration.

Preferences Table Fields

Create the following new fields in the Preferences table:


Layout Changes:

Create a new layout:

Authentication [CARD]

Add the new Authorization Code Grant OAuth Flow fields to the fmESignature Link Preferences layout. You can remove the JWT Grant OAuth Flow fields from this layout that are no longer required. 

Scripts Changes:

Import the following scripts:

DocuSign Authentication - OAuth 2.0 Start
DocuSign Authentication - OAuth 2.0 Complete
DocuSign Authentication - OAuth 2.0 Refresh Access Token

Update the following scripts (if you have not made any changes to these scripts you can just copy/paste the updated script steps in place of the existing ones):

DocuSign - Request Access Token
DocuSign - Request Access Token [SERVER]

We recommend checking for any problems with new/updated script as you go by using the Check for Problems option when you right click the name of the script in the script editing pane:

You can also use a FileMaker developer tool like BaseElements or FMPerception to check your solution for any errors after you have finished making the changes.

You can then add the Authenticate buttons to the fmESignature Link Preferences layout and copy/paste the contents of the Authentication [CARD] layout.

Click the Authenticate button to test out the Authorization Code Grant OAuth Flow.

We have full details on setting up the DocuSign Sandbox and connecting to the fmESignature Link file using the Authorization Code Grant flow in our Getting Started Guide as well as this short video that demonstrates the process. You can also get more information on the Authorization Code Grant OAuth Flow in fmESignature Link here.

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