Adding Radio Buttons to a fmESignature Link Template

We've updated fmESignature Link to make adding radio buttons to your fmESignature Link Template much easier and more dynamic. The Radio Group tab places a group of radio buttons on a document - only one radio button can be selected in a group. This is a great option when you need your recipients to make a selection but only ever be able to select one option.

In v1.4 of fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition) you can now easily enter the options for your radio buttons and use the Auto Place functionality to control the position of these on your document. We've updated the Auto Place Agreement Template to include an example of using Radio Group tabs with Auto Place.

When you add a Radio Group tab to your Template and click the settings icon to view the options for this tab you will see the following popup window:

Here you can enter the name for your Radio Group and add options that you wish to appear as the radio buttons on the document. In the above screenshot you can see there are 2 options for the Radio Group: Large and Medium. When you click the settings icon for each radio button option you can specify the Auto Place settings to use:

These correspond to the hidden anchor strings that appear on the Customer Agreement Auto Place PDF layout, highlighted below in red so you can see them:

When the request is sent it will appear like this to the Recipient:

As the Required attribute was set to true the options appear with a red circle indicating a selection here is mandatory. When the document has been completed you can also download the radio button selections via the Form Data. In the example below you can see the Shirt Size that the first recipient selected:

We have a video demonstrating this in action on the fmESignature Link Videos page

You can get more details on creating Radio Group tabs on the DocuSign developer site here.

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