Sending Requests with SMS Delivery Notifications

fmESignature Link 1.41 includes support for sending requests with SMS Delivery. SMS Delivery allows you to notify signers via SMS in addition to the standard email notification. In this first release of the SMS Notification feature, the SMS notification messages are in addition to email notifications. A future release will remove the email requirement. N.B. SMS Delivery is only supported with the eSignature REST API v2.1.

DocuSign Account Setup

To use SMS Delivery you will need to enable this feature in your DocuSign Account Sending Settings by checking the Allow SMS delivery to recipients checkbox:

Contact DocuSign Sales to check if this feature is available for your account and to have it enabled.

Contacts Setup

To send an SMS Notification to a Signer or Carbon Copy recipient you will need the following information for each Contact recipient:

Mobile: enter the mobile number of the recipient without any + characters or country codes etc

Country: select the Country for the recipient from the drop down list. We use this to match to the Countries table to get the correct Country Code for the recipient's country.

Request Setup

We've added an additional SMS checkbox for the Request Recipients:

You can mark individual signers or carbon copy recipients to receive SMS notifications from DocuSign by selecting this checkbox. N.B. The total number of SMS delivery recipients is limited to five - please familiarise yourself with the rules and limitations around SMS delivery notifications first.

When you send you request any recipients with the SMS flag will, in addition to the standard email notification, receive an SMS notification on their mobile phone:

Signers who receive SMS notifications are more than likely to sign the document using a mobile device, so it is recommended that you turn on Responsive Signing and test your documents with mobile devices first to ensure they work correctly. With Responsive Signing signers will see a mobile optimised view of the document (you can toggle between the standard PDF view and the mobile view using the Mobile-Friendly toggle at the top of the screen):

Once the document has been signed by all recipients another SMS Notification will be sent with a link to download the completed document in addition to the standard email notification:

You can get more information on SMS Delivery at the following links:

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