Can I use fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) v2 with FileMaker Server scripts/Perform Script on Server?

You will first need to perform the initial authentication to generate the access and refresh tokens. Once you have completed the initial authentication the scripts will handle refreshing these if they have expired.

MYOB Access Tokens expire after 20 minutes (we keep track of this in the Expires At field) and can be refreshed automatically using the Refresh Token. Refresh Tokens expire after 1 week: if you don’t refresh your access token within 1 week you will need to click the Authenticate button and login to your my.MYOB account to generate a new set of tokens.

As long as you are making a request to the Essentials Cloud API at least once every 7 days your Refresh Token will not expire, which would cause you to have to go through the Authentication process again. If you are worried about the Refresh Token expiring you can schedule the  MYOB Authentication - OAuth 2.0 Refresh Access Token FileMaker script to be performed on a schedule (e.g. every 6 days) to ensure the Refresh Token does not expire).

You can get more information on the MYOB access tokens and refresh tokens expiration periods here.

Don’t forget to also ensure that all script steps are server compatible.

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