BaseElements Plugin and Apple M1 Processor/Apple silicon

When opening the fmAccounting Link or fmEcommerce Link solutions on an Apple computer with the new M1 processor/Apple silicon and FileMaker Pro 19.3.1 or later you might see the following error messages:

1. Plugin Install Error 1550:

2. BaseElements.fmplugin failed to initialize:

FileMaker Pro 19.3.1 or later is now a Universal macOS app, which takes advantage of the advanced capabilities of Mac computers with Apple silicon and also runs on Intel-based Mac computers. If you are running FileMaker Pro on an Apple silicon/M1 Mac you will also need to use plugins that are designed to work with Apple silicon.

Whilst there is a native version of the BaseElements plugin for Apple silicon it won't work with the fmAccounting Link and fmEcommerce Link solutions as a number of the plugin functions that are used have been removed from this version of the plugin. For example these functions have been removed:

BE_JSON_Encode (also appears as BE_JSON_Encode_Deprecated)

BE_Base64_Encode (also appears as BE_Base64_Encode_Deprecated)

and will result in <Function Missing>  appearing in calculations where these plugin functions would normally appear.

The solution is to force FileMaker Pro to run as an Intel app instead of a native Apple silicon app by switching it to run the Rosetta version. Here's how to change the FileMaker Pro application to use Rosetta on an Apple silicon Mac:

  1. Quit the FileMaker Pro application if it is currently open
  2. Find the FileMaker Pro app in your Applications folder
  3. Select the FileMaker Pro app, and then press Command-I (or right-click/use the File menu and select Get Info.). This will open an Info window with details about the app as shown in the screenshot below
  4. In the Info window, look for a checkbox labeled, “Open using Rosetta”. Check the box.
  5. Close the Info window.

Now, whenever you launch FileMaker Pro, your Mac will run the Intel version of the software and use the translation layer and recognise the existing plugins.

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