Can I Download Products Modified Between Two Date Ranges

WooCommerce 5.8.0 finally gave developers the ability to query the products, orders and coupons API endpoints using the new 'modified_before' and 'modified_after' filtering parameters. This allows us to retrieve just the Products that have been updated without having to download all the Products from WooCommerce.

We've added the ability to download Products modified between 2 dates ranges to fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) v2.0.3. When you are on the Setup > Products tab you can now enter a date range and click the Import Products by Date Modified button:

to download only those Products that were modified in WooCommerce between the 2 date ranges. This is great for situations when you have modified a subset of products in WooCommerce and just wish to download those updated products. The script will download any new products and update any existing products that were found to have been updated between the date range that you specify.

Make sure your WooCommerce store is running WooCommerce v5.8.0 or later before using this feature.

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