fmMMS Chat View

The Chat View interface in fmMMS allows you to view all outgoing and incoming messages for an individual contact, including media, using a FileMaker Web Viewer. This is a much more graphical interface and easier to understand view than using traditional FileMaker portals.

The Chat View was first included with fmMMS v1.1. To access the Chat View when viewing the Contact details click the Chat View button highlighted below:

The Chat View is similar to how the iMessages app works on the iPhone/iPad and Mac:

The messages are displayed in a threaded view so you can see them as a conversation in timestamp order showing the Message Subject, Media and Message Body. You can also send a new message to the contact you are viewing with a single media attachment without having to leave the Chat View screen. Just enter the Message Subject (optional), Body and Media at the bottom of the screen and click the Send button to send a new outgoing message to the contact:

The Chat View will be updated to show the new message at the bottom of the Web Viewer.

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