SMS Gateway - Guni

The Guni SMS Gateway delivers SMS messages to Australian mobile numbers.

Incoming Messages/Replies

You can get incoming messages/replies to your Guni number into the fmSMS file in 2 ways:

Using Webhooks is the preferred method as it saves you from having to poll/check for any new messages and supports SMS media attachments - with Webhooks new messages are forward to fmSMS automatically by Guni as they are received.

Guni Webhooks Data API PHP Setup

To receive incoming SMS messages to your Guni number, including replies to previously sent messages, you will need to use the supplied incomingMessage.php webhook file to act as the webhook receiver. See our Webhooks guide for what you need to do host the incomingMessage.php file on your chosen web server. Once you have the publicly accessible URL for this file you can enter the URL to this file in your online Guni Account Settings under Integrations > WebHoooks > Receive URL.

It should look similar to this screenshot:

You can get further information on Guni SMS Webhooks on the Guni website here:

Guni Claris Connect Webhooks Setup

Please visit the Webhooks using Claris Connect guide for instructions on setting up Claris Connect Webhooks for your Guni number.

Guni Otto Webhooks Setup

Please visit the Webhooks using Otto guide for instructions on setting up Otto Webhooks for your Guni number.

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