Does fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) support Custom Product Attributes?

To streamline data entry when entering Product Attributes we use FileMaker Pop-up menus to allow you to select from the list of Attributes for your store and then the list of related Options for the selected Attribute. Using Pop-up menus ensures that only valid Attributes and Options are selected during data entry, but doesn’t allow for the entry of Custom Product Attributes.

It’s easy to modify the ProductAttributeOptions Popup layout to allow for entry of Custom Product Attributes as follows:

  1. make the Name field at the top of the layout accessible in Browse mode using the Inspector
  2. select the Option field on the ProductAttributeOptions portal and tick the “Allow entry of other values” box in the Inspector

This screenshot shows what the popup window might look like with these change in place when entering a Custom Product Attribute:

N.B. the Attribute Name field doesn’t appear on the ProductAttributes portal on the Products Form layout, so you won’t see the Attribute Name for Custom Product Attributes by default. You can add this field to the portal if required.

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