fmAccounting Link (QuickBooks Online Edition) Multiple Companies Trial version

You can download a 14 day trial version of fmAccounting Link (QuickBooks Online Edition) Multiple Companies License here:

For FileMaker Pro v16 or later Download v1 Multiple Companies License Trial

(You can find the trial version for the fmAccounting Link (QuickBooks Online Edition) Single Company License here)

Some notes about the trial version:

  • it's limited for 14 days
  • the file is locked and will stop working after 14 days
  • you will not be able to import data from the trial version into the version that you purchase
  • the Webhooks php file is not included with the trial version

The download is a .zip file – please make sure you unzip/extract the .zip file first before opening the fmAccounting Link (QuickBooks Online Edition) Multiple Companies file. On Windows this can be done by right clicking the .zip file and select "Extract All". On the Macintosh you can simply double click the .zip file to unzip the file (if it was not unzipped automatically after it was downloaded).

Getting Started with the Trial Version

Performing the initial authentication between the fmAccounting Link file and your QuickBooks Online company file only takes a few minutes. We recommend using a free QuickBooks Online Sandbox Company instead of your actual live QuickBooks Online Company when testing, especially if you plan to test uploading data from FileMaker to QuickBooks Online (e.g. creating Contacts, Invoices, Payments etc). This allows you to test out the fmAccounting Link trial without having to worry about adding transactions and deleting them from your live QuickBooks Online Company.

You can toggle between the Sandbox and the live Production environment using the Current Environment drop down menu on the Company Details screen shown here:

Once you've made your selection for either the Sandbox or Production environment click the Authenticate button and it should prompt you to login and authorise the connection (see video below). The first time you authenticate you will be prompted to connect fmAccounting Link (QuickBooks Online Edition) to your selected QuickBooks Online company file:

Click the Connect button inside the web viewer to approve the connection. 

Once you've authenticated successfully the fmAccounting Link file will generate values for the following fields on the Company screen:

  1. Access Token
  2. Access Token Expires At Timestamp
  3. Refresh Token
  4. Refresh Token Expires At Timestamp
  5. Realm ID (unique ID which identifies the company you approved access for when authenticating)

These will be used to authenticate with QuickBooks Online from now on – you won’t be required to login to the QuickBooks Online website unless your Refresh Token expires. Access Tokens are valid for 60 minutes (we keep track of this in the Expires At field) and can be refreshed automatically using the Refresh Token. Refresh Tokens are valid for 100 days: if you don’t refresh your access token within 100 days you will need to click the Authenticate button and reauthorise the app.

We recommend that after authenticating successfully that you:

  1. click the Update Company from QuickBooks button to download details for your QuickBooks Online company and preferences
  2. go to the Setup tab and click the Import buttons for all tabs (Accounts, Taxes, Terms etc). Many of these tables are used for valuelists for selecting Products and Tax Codes for line items (Invoices, Bills etc)
  3. go to the General -> Products tab and click the Import Products button to download all your Products from QuickBooks Online

You can also watch this short video below that demonstrates how to Authenticate with QuickBooks Online (or on YouTube here):

If you have any questions or need assistance getting started with the trial version please contact us for further assistance.

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