Can I send an SMS from fmMMS?

fmMMS was built to send MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages from the FileMaker Platform (multimedia content such as images, QR codes, audio and video files). It wasn't designed to send SMS messages like fmSMS, as the process of sending outgoing MMS messages and receiving incoming MMS messages is typically quite different for most SMS/MMS Gateways compared to standard SMS messaging. 

As a general rule you cannot use fmMMS to send SMS messages like fmSMS, however there are a small number of Gateways which can be used to send SMS messages from fmMMS. To do this you simply create a new outgoing message but do not attach any media files - the message is treated as an SMS by the Gateway is there are no media files attached. The following Gateways can be used to send both SMS and MMS messages using fmMMS:

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